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Dog Grooming

Your pet must be current on these Vaccines:

Dogs: Yearly: Rabies, Distemper, Parovirus, & a booster Bordatella every 6 months.
Cats: Yearly: Rabies, Distemper, Rhinotrachetes and Calice Virus (FVRCP) done within the past 3 year.

All natural & organic products!
Large pet $20-25
Small pet $15-20

Your pet will undergo a 4 step process with a Permanent treatment:

  • All-natural DeShedding Shampoo
  • DeShedding Solution
  • FURminator blow dry/out process
  • Removing dead undercoat using specialized tool

Your pet’s undercoat can become a dense mess of loose, dead hair – and the major source of shedding. The FURminator Treatment was developed to grab and remove (not cut, but remove) undercoat hair quickly and easily. Neither the specialized tool nor the process hurts your pet, and all-natural deShedding Shampoo & deShedding Solution are great for promoting a healthy skin and coat on your pet.

Let our professional groomers give your pet the most awesome custom groom you’ve ever seen! We attend advanced seminars to sharpen our skills and give your pet the latest style!

Pet Sizing

Small – Can carried all day in an over the shoulder dog carrier.
Medium – You can carry here and there but not all day. They won’t fit into one of those cute carriers.
Large – You can pick up and put on a table but not carry. Likes to try and be a lap dog but a little too big.
Extra Large – loves putting their head in your lap while watching TV, but you can’t view the TV if the whole dog is in your lap.
Giant – They are the coffee table while watching TV.

Additional Packages

  • Spa treatments are available for a variety of needs.
  • Furminator Shed-Less Treatment is ADDITIONAL PACKAGE.
  • Photography offered by appointment only.
  • Express services available. (THIS SERVICE MUST BE ARRANGED IN ADVANCE)! The express service will return your pet to you within 3 hours in most cases. Service is limited and restricted to dogs that can be completed comfortably and safely in the allotted time frame. Not available every day.~ We are trained to make your pets look their best!

We offer AKC Breed specific cuts. Ask us what we suggest and we will help you achieve a look that works for you & your pet. We offer Hand Scissoring and Hand Stripping for the best look possible for your pet.

J.A.B. (Just a Bath)
Simply a refreshing All Natural Bath, hand fluffy blow dry NOT CAGED DRIED & 15 minutes of coat brushing, cologne/perfume, bandana or bow.

A.N.B. (All Natural Bath)
Specialty shampoos to help your pets coat type/condition, deep remoisturizing conditioning treatment, hand fluffy blow dry NOT CAGED DRIED & 15 minutes of coat brushing, ear cleaning/plucking & nail trimming, pads of feet & sanitary area will be trimmed, cologne/perfume, bandana or bow.

Full service Groom
All Natural bath, specialty shampoos to help your coat type/condition, deep re remoisturizing conditioning treatment, ear cleaning/plucking & nail trimming, pads of feet & sanitary area trim, fluffy dry NOT CAGED DRIED, a style of your choice, perfume/cologne, bow or bandana.

These are strictly BASE PRICES!
Small ~ $35-45
Medium ~ $45- $55
Large ~ $50- $60
Extra Large ~ $60-$70
Giant ~ $70-$80

10% off groom appointment held within 8 weeks./$5 off when you refer a friend!

Free Grooming for all pets adopted within 30 days from animal control, humane society, or any rescue.

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