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Services & Pricing

We offer a variety of services to meet your cat grooming needs.

Some of the problems you and your cat may be dealing with are tangles, mats, fleas, dandruff, allergies, hairballs, sharp or ingrown claws, shedding, grease, odors, and unsanitary conditions. No matter the problem, we are here to serve you.

If you have never had your had professionally groomed before, we invite you to speak with us. Once we see your kitty and discuss your needs, we can offer suitable solutions to whatever issues you and your cat are dealing with.

If you have had your cat previously groomed somewhere else, we invite you to give us a try. If you are not satisfied with Feline Friday’s results and do not find our grooming to be the best, we will refund your money. This is our guarantee to all of our new clients.

Full Coat Groom Package for Long Haired Cats - $75.99

Also for Short Haired Cats that are matted, get shaved, or are over 12 lbs.

Includes: sanitary clip, detangle, show bath or flea/allergy bath, nail trim, ear
cleaning, face trim.


Belly Shave: $12
Lion cut: $25.99
Comb Cut (3/8” – 1”): $35.99
De-Shed Treatment: $18
SoftPaws – Front Only: $30
SoftPaws – Back Only: $30
SoftPaws – Front/Back: $40
Toe Tuft Trim: $10

Full Grooming for SH Cats - $59.99

No shaving or de-matting required and cat is under 12 lbs.

Includes: show bath or flea/allergy bath, nail trim, ear cleaning


De-Shed Treatment: $18
SoftPaws – Front Only: $30
SoftPaws – Back Only: $30
SoftPaws – Front/Back: $40
Toe Tuft Trim: $10