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Overnight Lodging

At Alicia’s K9 Kuts and Kennels, we know how much your pets means to you. We understand that they are more than pets, they’re family. To help you take care of your family, we have a multitude of services available for your little guy or girl. K9 Kuts and Kennels promises to take the very best care of not just you, but your pet as well. Below is a list of our products or services that K9 Kuts and Kennels offers:

Overnight Lodging

We have a total of 5 acres here at Alicia’s K9 Kuts and Kennels. Our home is full of grass tress and wooded trails for a nice walk just to enjoy the wilderness, birds, squirrels, rabbits, lizards and frogs. For those hot days, we have fountains & pools for your pet to take a dip into to cool off! Learn more about K9 Kuts and Kennel’s Overnight Lodging.


Your pet’s undercoat can become a dense mess of loose, dead hair and the major source of shedding. Let our professional groomers give your pet the most awesome custom groom you’ve ever seen! We attend advanced seminars to sharpen our skills and give your pet the latest style! Learn more about K9 Kuts and Kennel’s grooming service.

Pet Taxi

Does your pet need to visit the vet and you’re too busy? You don’t want to haul your stinky pet in your car yourself? Not a problem, our Pet Taxi service is available to pick up your pet. Learn more about K9 Kuts and Kennel’s Pet Taxi.

Cat Services

We cater to your Kitty Klaws at , Cats on Commerce. on Feline Fridays we are at Cats on Commerce where your cats can be groomed and cared for! Learn more about K9 Kuts and Kennel’s Cat services.

Pet Sitting

Whether you are just taking a vacation or going someone for the holidays, we offer pet sitting services for your dogs or cats. We know that many homes have multiple pets and we can handle them all. We also will take your dogs to a dog park as well while you are away. Learn more about K9 Kuts and Kennel’s Pet Sitting.

Day Care

If you have a rambunctious pet and don’t want to leave them, or just don’t feel safe leaving them home alone while you work, We have day care available. Not only will we take care of your little one, but we have day programs for them as well to keep them active and entertained. Learn more about K9 Kuts and Kennel’s Day Care.

Creative Grooming

Creative grooming includes fur coloring, nail “pawlish”, ear bling, “pettoos” and Asian Fusion styling. Learn more about K9 Kuts and Kennel’s Creative Grooming.

Go Pet Wellness

Does your pet need to lose a few pounds, Get fit and toned or burn off excess energy? What about the baby that needs some slow, safe, rehabilitation? We’re excited to be able to help you help your four-legged child reach their wellness goal! Learn more about K9 Kuts and Kennel’s Go Pet Wellness.

Complete Pet Care

Our complete pet care contains most of our services such as pet sitting, day care, pet taxi, activities and much more! Learn more about K9 Kuts and Kennel’s Complete Pet Care.

Pet Requirements

  • Please have your Vet fax your pets shot records to: (931) 905-2390
  • Before dropping off to board, all pets are screened for current shots
  • All animals must be free of external parasites (fleas & ticks) when admitted or must be treated upon admission at owner’s expense. All pets MUST be current on Rabies Vaccination & a 6 month Bordetella Vaccination and Booster.
  • Owner provides pets regular diet, toys, & treats

We require the following current immunizations:

  • Dogs: Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, 6 month booster Bordetella, & fecal exam with negative results or proof of Heart guard medicine.
  • Cats: have had a physical exam within the past year Rabies, Distemper, Rhinotrachetes and Calice Virus
  • FVRCP done within the past 3 years
  • (RV yearly) and well on presentation

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